Why You Should Consider Hass Avocado Farming

Hass avocados matures between 2-3 years, have a long-life span of more than 50 years and you are guaranteed of the market for the fruits.
Hass avocado is an investment like no other. With only N500,000 investment per acre you can be getting a minimum of N3m per year.
The Avocado Society of Nigeria will train and supplies you 150 premium grafted seedlings per acre and each tree can produce over 1000 fruits per year with the current price of N50 per fruit. Now do the math, get out of your comfort zone, plant avocados today and have all the freedom you want. With an avocado farm, you can do other things since avocados require minimal maintenance.
Yes, plant fruit trees, hass avocado, and other perennial crops with haste.
For those who work in the office day after day, such can be incorporated in the retirement plan. Such a farm can be a comfortable retreat after years of going back and forth to office.
Take a loan if you have to, plant hass avocados and we guarantee you, soon you will fire your boss. We are supporters of anyone who grows avocados.
Book your seedlings today, prepare early for next season and 3 years to come you will laugh all the way to the bank.
Call us today for more information.

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