Will Hass Avocado Thrive in Nigeria?

This is the question being asked by many. Considering the requirements for a continuous fresh harvest of Hass avocado which include:

• Mineral rich soil and drainage,
• plentiful sunlight
• Cool, gentle winds conditions
• Mild climate (moderate humidity, cool nights and warm days).
The Nigeria soil and climate provides a favourable habitat for the tree. It is therefore a certainty that Hass cultivation is going to be a success in Nigeria. This is not a mere prediction but a fact confirmed by the Avocado Society of Nigeria with her individual members already thriving Hass orchards developed from premium grafted Hass Avocado seedlings, and the prestigious Gogreen Avocado Farm Estate.

The GOGREEN AVOCADO FARM ESTATE which is located in Lala Town, Ogun State is sitting on 30 acres of land. It boasts of over 50 Hass Avocado farmers and run on unlimited round the year water sources for irrigation.

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