Benefits of Avocados to kids


Hass Avocado is one of those ‘superfoods,’ super-fruits (yes, that’s right!), kids should eat—and eat more often. Like other types of brightly-colored, good-for-you fruits (think: raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries), Hass avocado is a very healthy addition to your kid’s diet.

When it comes to Hass avocado, you probably think guacamole. And although that’s certainly one way to get your kids to eat it, there are other trendy ways they can enjoy it: popping up in smoothie recipes, on a toast or as a healthy swap in sandwiches. While kids may want to snub the fruit due to its characteristic green color, just like they do kale, spinach, and Brussels sprouts, you have to keep offering it to them regularly.

The health benefits that come with Hass avocado consumption are unbelievably enormous. Here are five (5) reasons why avocado is so healthy for kids you don’t want to skip adding it to their diet:

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