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Avocado Society of Nigeria (AVOSON)- is the registered national association of all hass avocado growers, packers, processors, exporters and other value-chain players in Nigeria with numerous local and international partner institutions, organisations and corporate memberships. We share co-membership with several international avocado associations worldwide, we are also members of the world avocado organisations Hits: 693

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Our Vision & Mission

OUR VISION To be the Largest Hass avocado Network of Stakeholders in Sub-Sahara Africa. MISSION Provide Access to Standard Agronomic Procedure, Research, Continuous Training and Capacity Development, Government Support, Local and International Market Linkage for all Stakeholders in the Business of Hass Avocado. AIM The aim of AVOSON is to increase profitability and sustain the […]

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MEMBERSHIP FEE IS #50 000 ( FIFTY THOUSAND NAIRA ) The Avocado Society Of Nigeria is the registered association that coordinates everything that has to do with Hass Avocado in Nigeria, from Input to market. THE GREEN GOLD STARTER PACK COMPRISES OF: 1. Organic Fertilizer, Fungicide and pesticides. 2. The Hass Avocado planting and Processing […]

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Welcome to AVOSON

Join Avocado Society of Nigeria Today and become one of the leading Avocado Farmers in Nigeria and the world as a whole.

” You will become one of the greatest Avocado Farmers in Nigeria and the whole world”.


Haas Avocados Fact

There are two kinds of fats: saturated fats and unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are the “good fats”. The key to healthful eating is balancing the right amounts of the right types of fats. Eating foods high in good fats (unsaturated), like fresh avocados , in place of foods high in saturated fats has been shown […]

Why You Should Consider Hass Avocado Farming

Hass avocados matures between 2-3 years, have a long-life span of more than 50 years and you are guaranteed of the market for the fruits. Hass avocado is an investment like no other. With only N500,000 investment per acre you can be getting a minimum of N3m per year. The Avocado Society of Nigeria will […]

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